Ciko Police Traffic Unit, Distributes 50 free masks in the context of Micro-Scale PPKM

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JOURNAL NEWS, – At least 50 masks were distributed today. Considering that at this time masks are only the means needed for everyone so as not to infect each other with the corona virus. There is a high chance of transmission occurring when sick people interact with healthy people and healthy people interact with others too.” said the Head of Traffic at Cirebon City Police, in the action he took to the field to be precise at Cirebon Harbor Jln. Perniagaan Panjunan Lemahwungkuk Cirebon City distributed masks for free in order help prevent Covid19. Tuesday (29.06.21) at 07.00 WIB

Cirebon City Police Traffic Head AKP La Ode Habibi Ade Jama S.IK, MH, said that today we immediately went down to carry out activities at Cirebon Port Jln. Perniagaan Panjunan Lemahwungkuk Cirebon City with the person in charge of Cirebon City Police Chief AKBP IMRON ERMAWAN, SH, SIK , MH and the activity was also attended by the Head of Traffic of Cirebon City Police, Kanit of Traffic Police of Cirebon City Police of Traffic, Members of Kamsel of Traffic of Cirebon City Police of Traffic, and ASN of Kamsel of Traffic of Cirebon City Police,” he said.

“Today, we, from the traffic unit itself, have distributed 50 masks to the public. And we will carry out this activity every day at a different location,” said HABIBI. The man born in Sulawesi.

The purpose of this activity is to give an appeal to people who are not aware of the importance of wearing masks and the importance of physical distancing in their daily lives. It is hoped that this activity can have a positive impact on the community, will better understand and realize the importance of using masks properly and correctly to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Cirebon City. As well as urges to remain disciplined in implementing the 5M and 3W health protocols. Obviously Iptu Ngatidja, SH.MH Head of Public Relations of the Cirebon City Police.

Writer: WadiraEditor: Kusnandar
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